When aI completed this collection, aI thought it would be my last collection of poems. There were three reasons aI could come up with. One is that aI was a champion writing poetry by then, and aI would move on. Second was that aI would leave the Girl to be the Father. That is the turn of times. Thirdly, in a class oriented perspective there is a conflict between ideal and material reality. Material reality is wisdom producing and poetry making. Ai thought, in the future, aI would focus on drawing, maybe painting as well, and on tune making, when feeling it is appropriate, and Jesus wants me to. Ai changed my mind, though. Ai want to be whole, expressing myself in all manners the Lord has made me able, and aI think it is fun writing poetry.

This collection, called Upper Class, aI wrote in the realm of change where the killing of the girls became evident, which aI tried to put an end to, and in which aI tried to get hold of what had become of the girls, and in which aI tried to make a bright side by the crown of Norway. My work was useless.